Mi Hungry, Lunch Date

Mi Hungry Whol’-Some-Food is a raw (food) vegetarian restaurant, I love the name (big up unnu self for the creativity.) Mi hungry is patois for I’m hungry, and their restaurant name plays on wholesome food with the patois hol’ some food, which is simply to get some food.



Mi Hungry is a small restaurant located at shop #24A in Market Place, which is an arcade of stores at 67 Constant Spring Road. As you can see from the pic above there’s a sofa for patrons, as well as one table for dining indoors; don’t be skeptical now, there are plenty table options in the outside dining area. My date for the day, Lexxi (best friend,) and I sat at an elevated table to have our meal.


We had a Pleaza, which is their Pizza, we added ackee as an extra topping; Lexxi had the Pashonate (passion fruit) juice, while I had the So-real (sorrel) juice. I must say, for the first time eating a raw meal, I enjoyed it! It had an interesting taste but what brought it together for me was the pineapple; it was delicious, plus it was healthy.


That was a fun day, after we filled our bellies, we sat chatting and enjoying the Bob Marley songs that wafted from a hidden speaker. It was cloudy out and a light breeze kept the area comfortable, alas we couldn’t stay too long because I had a performance with L’Acadco later on. It was Redemption Fest at the Emancipation Park, for Emancipation Day, look out for a post about that soon 🙂

Check out their website: www.mihungrynow.com for their whole menu and some more information about Mi Hungry.

Featured image from Jessicainthekitchen.com


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