Live Music Lives

Music is so breathtaking
the groove of the bass line,
rolling on the drums,
riding the riddim.

Only to swoon at the lyrics,
some a dem oh so bad,
or we call dem mad
but Jah know more while dem mek me glad.

Jammin’ we Jammin’
keyboard a strum,
Percussion a smash, ding or clap,
a juss di one drop.

Are you rocking yet?
Are you swaying?
Is your foot tapping?
Did that note give you goosebumps?

One good thing about music,
when it hits, you feel no pain.

I really love music, and some things are better expressed informally, I should say, so I hope you can understand my poem, check the Yaady Dictionary for any words or phrases you’re unsure of. I will explain these two phrases here though, “some a dem oh so bad,”  some of them are oh so bad, which means they’re really good, yes, we speak weirdly here, I wouldn’t say backwards, more as it’s just a slang. “Or we call dem mad,” or we call them mad, this is another slang, the use of the word ‘mad’ here means good as well.


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