Month: October 2015

L'Acadco Drum Xplosion at the Pier

Hi Everyone 🙂 The other day lol (a while back) the L’Acadco Drummers had a performance at Victoria’s Pier, that’s Waterfront, Downtown Kingston. I wanna share a little bit of Jamaica with you, plus it’s so beautiful down there. I thought I looked cute, then I […]

Expression Wednesdays

Expression Wednesdays

Hi everyone 🙂 I hope you’re all well today and If not I have this joke to share. Yo, this killed meee. Cause this is the realest, you ain’t been through nothing if you haven’t chased a roach trying to kill it, only to see it […]


Pen to paper, flows
heart racing, it excites me
my muse is music.

Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge: Muse & Pen.

Featured image by Mau Mau.


Percussive Movement

No Percussive isn’t what you’re thinking, percussionists are being seen for the art that they do and are being praised for their talents, kinda, it is getting better than previous years, so the percussionist from the Zincfence Remdemption (Band) Hector Lewis, was the guest of […]

Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone 🙂 Today I’m sharing with you the newly released song, “Bet Yuh Never Know” by dBURNZ. He is an amazing singer, I’ve heard him belt out quite a few different genres. (Bonus he’s cute <3 )Take a listen to his new single below.


“Anything that gets your blood pumping is probably worth doing.”

-Hunter S. Thompson

We all have a mission we want to accomplish, work towards it in small ways, little by little something will change. Being a stick in the mud all day everyday will get you nowhere but to the grave earlier, stress is no fun. Do something that gets your blood pumping.

Featured image by Sabriya Simon.



This was highly anticipated, I mean who doesn’t love a reggae concert? They started later than I had thought they would. I got there by 9:30 and they still weren’t ready to begin, then again the venue was still scarce at that time. To entertain the […]

Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone 🙂 Today I’m sharing a quote with you all, it’s for the ladies. I like this quote because I believe women are royalty, we are Queens, or Princesses, if you haven’t quite got to the level of Queen. Being a Queen or Princess isn’t achieved by material things, […]

Nadia Harris McAnuff

I first heard Nadia at RedBones Blues CafĂ© for one of the nights of KOTE (Kingston on the Edge Urban Art Festival) her sound was different but it had a nice vibe, different as in unique but I was expecting reggae and this songstress belted a jazzy vibe with a mix of dub… and I loved it!

The second time was when I went to a Sankofa Session, I saw her on the flyer and me and my best friend decided we had to go see her perform again 🙂 It was definitely worth it, plus I got Miss Joy’s homemade juice again!

The third time (more…)

S&H for Jamaica 53

Jamaica 53 in style and true Jamaican fashion, partying the night away. For Independence my friend and I went to Shots & Hookah. Yes, I ranted about clubbing in the week (and feeling like a zombie the next day) but before you get on my […]