Dubbing into Independence

Hey Everyone 🙂

You know I find this so cliché to say but it embodies Jamaica so much, so wah gwaan?

Knowing that our Independence Day is August 6th, my friends and I decided to go to Dubwise the night of the 5th,  i.e. getting home late isn’t a problem because Holiday means sleeping in late.

Selfie before I hit the road.

We were Dubbing into Independence, reggae floating in the air, 53 years strong, and it wasn’t just reggae in the air. I love Dubwise because it’s not everyday you hear roots music blasting and being professionally mixed, just like any dance (party.) Hehe just Wednesdays 🙂 The vibes was turnt up that night, the holiday drew a crowd, walking through the venue was a task in itself, so once we found a good spot that’s where we rocked for the night.

Yaadcore started the night with mixing some songs, patrons took to the bar, the restaurant for a bite to eat, or the stall for an enlightening treat (Big up Mel’s Tree Eats.) For food that is, the I-Nation stall sells Afro-centric and rootical books along with natural skincare products, there’s also the Base Kingston & Belle stall that sells artistes’ graphic T-shirts. The first act was U-Roy Brown, he took the mic and started deejaying in a way only a musician with years of experience could. He controlled the crowd, raising cheers and blanks (pretend blank gun shots.)


Not only did a lot of patrons turn up so did the artistes, Chronixx was the other guest artiste for the night, an obvious crowd favourite, but Kelissa sang, Runkus dropped us a few lines and so did Kabaka Pyramid, if my memory serves me right, Keida sang a little too. I saw Juju (Julian Marley,) but I didn’t wanna fan girl too much so I didn’t ask for a pic with him. What could have made my night any better, is if Protoje was there too. Anyways I give thanks for our Independence, and Dubwise was the perfect way to ring in 53.


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