S&H for Jamaica 53

Jamaica 53 in style and true Jamaican fashion, partying the night away. For Independence my friend and I went to Shots & Hookah. Yes, I ranted about clubbing in the week (and feeling like a zombie the next day) but before you get on my case let me explain, it was a Holiday and my best friend wanted to do road, soo… how could I say no?

I used this as an excuse to wear my hair in an Afro for the first time since being natural, and I must say, it was thrilling. My hair isn’t that long but I loved my ‘fro, it made me feel empowered, especially since I could never wear my hair like this to work. Plus nobody couldn’t tell me, mi neva hot 😛 S&H is a weekly drink & hookah inclusive party at the Top Floor of the Quad, one of the clubs in New Kingston.


People were decked out in their best ensembles, I would say it was for the holiday but I’m sure it was just for clubbin’ sake. Quite a few of my friends don’t like going to the club, because it’s for profiling, those who don’t fit the cut get judged. Clubs do get wild here in Jamaica but parties where the real wildness, and extreme dancing occurs, are generally at outdoor venues.


Short shorts, tight fitting anything-dress, skirt, shirts– are generally acceptable, sometimes the ensembles are classier than the norm, with the new midi-pencil skirts that are in, your makeup (if any) has to be on point. That really is why clubbing is a once in a while thing for me, I’m with my friends on the profiling point. I’m not dissing, because of course I’ll partake but it is a bit too much.

What I love about parties in Jamaica though, is that most of the time mixed drinks (i.e. a chaser & rum or vodka) are included in the admission fee. I didn’t think anything of it until my friend from Suriname told me most parties over there, you have to buy drinks separate. Hey I ain’t gonna take this for granted lol I mean, it’s rum 😀


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