This was highly anticipated, I mean who doesn’t love a reggae concert? They started later than I had thought they would. I got there by 9:30 and they still weren’t ready to begin, then again the venue was still scarce at that time. To entertain the crowd during the wait the deejay mixed some nice rootical music 🙂

I was caught off guard by Dash, texting away while waiting.


After a good wait they finally began, first up was Makonnen and Royal Chanta, who the lively host introduced. They had a good vibe but I didn’t know any of their songs; it took the crowd a while to warm up to them. Honestly their harmonization wasn’t working lol they sounded good in terms of the rapping segments in the song or I would call it riding the riddim but for the singing aspects it was rough. None of them are singers, the deejaying was nice though.

IRevolt Stub

Next up was Stephanie, another singer I didn’t know but her voice is amazing, she had the high notes on lock. After her was Kenzic and I’ve heard him sing from videos he posted on Instagram but I literally fell in love with his sound that night. The first song of his set was “Lion Heart” and from that to the end I was sold, I have to big up Cespo who played percussion for him, the binghi in “Lion Heart” Oh gosh! That performance literally gave me goose bumps… I love his voice! I really wish I had recorded him but I didn’t so check out Kenzic.


He was followed by Nadia Harris McAnuff, I did a post about her recently, so you know that I love her jazzy and dub feel. Her whole sound is not ordinary and that makes her stand out.

Nadia Harris McAnuff

She was followed by Runkus, I love seeing him perform! He is always all over the place, literally. The stage can’t contain him, I’m sure the band would be the same if they weren’t confined by cords, big up the Old Skl Band.


I recorded a video of him performing Victims for my friend, so watch it below.

The show was closed by the lovely Kelissa, listen imma need you to go listen to her song “Best Kept Secret” like right now, I love this lady’s voice. I don’t even know how to describe it, just do suh.


I must say I enjoyed this concert, oh! and if you can, go drink some coconut water, just to wash off your heart 🙂

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