Month: October 2015

Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone 🙂 Today I bring to you Protoje’s 5th official video from his most recent album, Ancient Future. Enjoy this small taste of a history, to enlighten some wrong doings because dem a criminal. “The music stay real fi pickney pon the play field”

The Gift Of Music

Harps play, clear our minds, music of all kinds, are God’s, gift and so are we. Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge: Harp & Clear.

Dubbing into Independence

Hey Everyone 🙂

You know I find this so cliché to say but it embodies Jamaica so much, so wah gwaan?

Knowing that our Independence Day is August 6th, my friends and I decided to go to Dubwise the night of the 5th,  i.e. getting home late isn’t a problem because Holiday means sleeping in late.

Selfie before I hit the road.

We were Dubbing into Independence, reggae floating in the air, 53 years strong, and it wasn’t just reggae in the air. I love Dubwise because it’s not everyday you hear roots music blasting and being professionally mixed, just like any dance (party.) Hehe just Wednesdays 🙂 (more…)