Expression Wednesdays

Hi everyone, today I’m sharing some music, to big up Jamaica! Take a listen to “Who Knows” by Protoje featuring Chronixx. ↓

I say big up Jamaica because I know how lucky I am, to call this beautiful island my home.

More while I’m walking home and have to say give thanks because just looking around me, the hues, tones, colours of the sky, the trees, the flowers, looking at all of this I know there is a God. One of my fears is going blind, because I can’t imagine a day where I can’t see God’s creation anymore. Nature is so beautiful, when you look outside and see the sun hitting the leaves of a mango tree, and it’s the perfect shade of green; or a bright orange and pink sunset on a day that was overcast. I mean I’d miss looking at people but to not be able to see the sunlight again, would probably be the worst.

Exam time is around the corner once again, so I’ll get a little scarce, I will try to post as much as I can but I have studying to do. Wish me luck!



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