Ja Cosplayaz Presents Are You Afraid of the Dark

The Anime, Manga, and lovers all things Japanese, Ja Cosplayaz, created a Halloween costume party for the open minded Jamaicans, those who like cosplay, those who like dressing up in costumes, or even those who like themed parties; mixed that love with the true Jamaican nature, partying (mixed drinks inclusive) and this was the outcome.

My best friend and I had to go support, though I wouldn’t really call my outfit a costume. This party was also in aid of raising funds for Anime Nation 2016, unfortunately there wasn’t an Anime Nation this year.


Us 😛

The party was to start at 8pm and we arrived a little past 10pm but I just call that fashionable late!

Autumne was a vampire bunny & I was her slave -joke!- I was just a vampire.

The music was bumping at the right volume-BUCK!– with most of the patrons on the dance floor dropping legs, in any and every way. There were two Djs and they both played EDM mixes of songs ranging from K-Pop to English Pop, R&B to Hip-Hop, Dancehall to Reggae and they couldn’t leave out the Soca. The vibes was nice, especially with the two friendly ghosts, they were the best! Everyone was friendly actually, we danced not caring who were friends and who weren’t, or was that because of the rum punch? Lol I have to big up my Twin, date, bestie, I haven’t had that much fun in a while. It was a good reminder that good friend betta than pocket money!

Jack Skellington won the costume contest.

IMG-20151024-01518 IMG-20151024-01519 IMG-20151024-01520 IMG-20151024-01522 IMG-20151023-01517 PartyAYAOTD


Check out the official photo album from Creatif Studios, Are You Afraid Of The Dark.


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