What A Mess

The crowd scattered, adults, their children, and teens running in all different dictions, concealing the culprit. People jumped over the benches of the stadium refusing to stay in the standstill line to go down the stairs, every man for themselves in all thoughts, as the pushing and shoving continued, sparing no one. The faithful few that loved excitement formed a circle around a girl clad in a green and black ensemble, some recording video while others watched in shock, taking in the whole story to tell their friends later. The girl’s loud scream stood out in the chaos of the retreating crowd. She flung off the bright green wig that blazed bright red leaving a fuzzy canerowed head that was obviously ready to be redid.

“This was the disturbing highlight of the 2017 High School Track and Field Championships, after they announced the undefeated champions had taken another year under their belt .” Said the news reporter at the end of the short video clip.

The video received a raucous laugh from Roi, he was all but rolling on the bed, while I chuckled.

“Rhayne that made my Birthday! I can’t believe someone set her wig on fire.” He said through chuckles, hardly recovering from the scene we just watched.

“Don’t laugh Roi! That’s so mean.” I responded, chiding him.

“The poor unsuspecting girl, it’s not her fault her school is undefeated.” I added shaking my head.

“Remind me to watch the seven p.m. news every night.” He responded.

I rolled my eyes, “change the channel to a nice movie; I wanna cuddle.” I said holding back a shiver, it’s cold inside this cabin.

“For a small cabin it’s kinda cold.” I added.

“Come here.” He said pulling me closer, yay! cuddle time.

I smiled as he pulled me into his arms, my back to his chest, I pulled the sheet over us to make it cozier, though his breath on my neck had already made me grow warm.

Friday Fiction with Ronovan Writes.

Featured image from Serendipity Holistic Resort.


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  1. […] What a Mess by Shida Tahirah (876LoveR) A cozy time is had by Shida’s two characters in the story. But if you focus on the end you miss what is being said throughout. There is some social commentary in this one and we get how people react to things in today’s world. Even if today’s world in the story is in 2017. And no, it’s not a Science Fiction Futuristic piece. […]

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