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Hi Everyone 🙂

I was hit by the Christmas spirit this morning when I went on my blog and saw it snowing! That and the fact that we’re having a cold front in Jamaica right now, i.e. our “Christmas breeze” or our version of snow lol! Cold winds.

Another thing is that I passed through Half Way Tree (Treez,) one of the main shopping areas in Kingston last night, and saw all the shops and plazas adorned in Christmas lights, of all different colours and patterns. My favourite being Mall plaza where they also wrap the palm trees scattered throughout the parking lot in lights, making everything shine. Treez just screams Christmas time.

Well today I’m sharing with you a picture and a song, since a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s a song as brawta 😉


To be honest I just love the angles in this photo.

Featured image by @AllEyesOnIt.


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