Take Off

We laid side by side, just talking about everything and nothing. Customarily sharing a ziggy as we always did when we went on a picnic. She loved the Gardens, this place was so big we would find a spot for ourselves and disappear. I pulled her onto my chest and rolled over, not knowing I was at the edge of the blanket, sprawling onto the grass.

She giggled, “Tafari really?” She said while trying to wiggle her way back onto the blanket.

“You do know I’m not letting you go anywhere, right?” I said placing a little more of my body weight on her.

“Come ooon! You’re heavy, and the grass will make me itch.” She said with a pout, trying to escape again.

“If you keep wiggling like that it’ll make me want to be mean to you.” I said with a smirk looking into her dark brown orbs.

“Are you tempting me Mr.?” She said with a spark in her eyes that I simply loved.

“Tahirah…Behave.” I replied amused, I rose off her, she scrambled to the shady side of the blanket. She’s always running from the sun. I dropped my body to the ground staring at her, she wore her favourite colour today, aqua shorts with a complimenting orange V-neck tee.

“Come over here.” She demanded loudly, this girl could never whisper.

“Why?” I said amused, “You left me over here, all by myself.”

“Don’t bother with it Dre! The grass is itchy. So come here.” She said this time pouting a little.

The pout I could never resist. I crawled onto the blanket, laying beside her, I pulled her closer and she wrapped one hand across me so we were face to face. I wonder if this girl knows how much I love her.

I awoke with a jolt as a voice came over the intercom informing the passengers to be seated and buckled up as the plane would soon be going into descent.


I took a glance out the plane window, it’s now morning… Even my subconscious is with her.

I was moving across the globe, I packed as much as I could but I had to leave my heart behind.

Friday Fiction With Ronovan Writes.

Trying to keep this PG was a little hard 😛

Featured image by Nicholi Stevens, edited by me.


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