Month: February 2016

Expression Wednesdays

Hey Everyone ūüôā Today I’m sharing a little information about Rihanna’s song “Work”¬†it’s from¬†her new¬†album “ANTI” the song¬†features Drake. To be honest the song annoys me, not because¬†of the Patois used¬†but because of the choice of lyrics, and at some parts it actually sounds like […]

Capture Land Jamaica Tour Pt.2

Jose Marti High School | Spanish Town, Jamaica As per usual for any Jamaican event, the starting wasn’t timely. I wonder how¬†the late trend started…¬†Is it¬†that as Jamaicans we’re just never on time? Or is it that promoters were never on time so patrons started […]

Pizza Please!

Jamaica has been graced with a new fast food restaurant that has us shouting Pizza Please!


In December my bestie, Tum, and I were in Half Way Tree doing Christmas gift shopping and we saw the “Pizza Please” sign up in Mall Plaza,¬†being the pizza lover I am, I grew excited at the new pizza venture. This pizza place straight out of Italy, opened¬†early January 2016 with new twists to¬†the regular pizza. ¬†PP3Their pizzas are sold by the slice, with a variety of toppings, the twist is that these toppings are used in everyday Jamaican meals.¬†¬†Some of the toppings¬†include cabbage, irish potatoes, red herring, jerk chicken/pork,¬†ackee & saltfish, callaloo, and more. (more…)

Ride Or Die

The¬†small group urged me on. Why were my friends doing this to me? This is peer pressure.¬†Inari sat silent on his big kawasaki, watching the scene with amused eyes, “Come nuh?” He said with a hint of mischief. “Tonnerre is ready to leave,” I made […]

Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everybody! ūüôā Today I’m sharing some new music with you, well they may not be new but they’re new to me, and I’m loving them. I heard Samory I at Dubwise Jamaica¬†last week Wednesday and I love his voice, I had to search for […]

Chocolate Dreams

If Heaven had a smell I’d imagine it smelt like the inside of Chocolate Dreams. My friend and I were leaving Devon House and he decided to stop by Chocolate Dreams first, I stepped into¬†the store¬†and it smelt like freshly brewed coffee and chocolate. It instantly gave me energy (LIFE.) I looked at my friend wondering why¬†he was doing this to me, when in reality I was just nuff and invited myself, he was buying a gift and I followed him into the store.¬†No I didn’t go here for Valentine’s Day,¬†but seeing that love equals chocolate I figured I’d post this after Valentine’s encouraging you to get fat like me- I mean have chocolate ūüôā

So, I needed no convincing, knowing I had limited cash on me, I wasn’t about to buy $500JMD worth of chocolate to be able to use my debit card, I asked the cashier what I could get for $150JMD or less. She pointed out a variety of small portioned chocolates and I picked a milk chocolate “Hazelnut Center,” the Hazelnut Center resembles a truffle only it has a hazelnut in the center. I stuffed it into my bag, I was gonna enjoy that later.

What bun mi though, was that the “Cherry Surprise” was in my price range and the lady didn’t tell me that. The Cherry Surprise is a rum injected cherry covered in milk chocolate,¬†being the rum-lover that I am,¬†I would have bought that instead. The hurt quickly faded though, cause as I got home I devoured my chocolate.


Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone ūüôā Make sure you express the love you don’t specifically get to express everyday. To all my friends, you know yourselves, Mi love yuh like cook food :* ūüôā <3 To translate that Patois to English, I love you like a […]

T-One Week

Only one week left, make sure you go buy your ticket. Gate price is $2,500JMD be wise and save yourself the $1,000.

Devon House

One can never get too old for ice cream! I’m sure everyone has heard about the famous Devon House I-Scream, as a matter of fact The Food Herald did a post about it recently, check it out here: “Devon House Creamery.” Devon House is one of Jamaica’s National Monuments, it was coined as such in 1990.

Devon House

It was built by Jamaica’s first black millionaire, George Stiebel, in 1891; it’s the only standing mansion from the Millionaires Corner, as the others were demolished to build new structures. This is the corner of Trafalgar Road and Hope Road, today I go there for ice cream ūüėÄ (more…)

Expression Wednesdays

Hey Everyone ūüôā It is¬†Ash Wednesday, which means today is the start of lent, are you giving anything up? Today I have a ‘meme’ to share with you, it’s one of those “What’s your __ Name?” pictures, I found it on Irie¬†FM’s Facebook page. So […]