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Beach Day! You gotta love Jamaica, I was so looking forward to Christmas Holidays so I could go to the beach with my friends. Originally I wanted to go to the beach for my birthday but since it fell on a weekday I moved the beach day to the Sunday after my birthday ­čÖé

So the day started off with our usual slackness x_x we fit 8 people (excluding the driver) plus a baby in a 7-seater to get to the beach, which was in Bull Bay, so that wasn’t a short ride. You’d think it was better on the way home, you know the saying “It’s always faster coming home than going.” It wasn’t, that driver had only dropped us, so Hore, who was coming late drove a 7-seater too, but we had 9 to carry home instead of 8. : X LOL we squad though, so nobody gets left behind.

We went to Minkah’s house first and greeted Mommy, then we made the trod to Cable Hut Beach. We came with the thought to chill in mind, because the sea on this side of the island is surfing water, the waves are really rough. I knew I had to go in though, if only to splash ­čśÇ

So we went in and out of the water, trying to stand up to the big bad waves. We just chilled and had fun, I even tried to convince Towi to teach me Capoeira, which I struggle to pronounce properly, I always say it wrong. When we were drained by the salt and tired we ate our snacks and retired to Minkah’s house once more. There we changed out of the wet garb, and Mommy gave us some Christmas Cake and juice ­čÖé I was adamant to go over to Wickie Wackie though, every time I went to Bull Bay I visited there.  Big up Mr. Jarrett!

So we made that Trod, only to see an event was being kept there, so we couldn’t go in, better to have tried right? Well that was our cue to go home, and that was my Christmas beach day.

Thanks for stopping by <3
Thanks for stopping by <3
Images taken by Autumne & Nicholi.


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