Devon House

One can never get too old for ice cream! I’m sure everyone has heard about the famous Devon House I-Scream, as a matter of fact The Food Herald did a post about it recently, check it out here: “Devon House Creamery.” Devon House is one of Jamaica’s National Monuments, it was coined as such in 1990.

Devon House

It was built by Jamaica’s first black millionaire, George Stiebel, in 1891; it’s the only standing mansion from the Millionaires Corner, as the others were demolished to build new structures. This is the corner of Trafalgar Road and Hope Road, today I go there for ice cream 😀

The Devon House property has other attractions though; the mansion can be toured, it’s also home to Things Jamaica, Patwa Apparel, Rêve Jewellery, Starfish Oils, the Devon House Bakery, Jah Art, Levi Roots Store, T’s and Treasures, Bin 26, Mahogany Tree Bar, Kebab Cafe & Pizzeria, The Grog Shoppe Restaurant, and Chocolate Dreams. When you get the chance to, mek sure to go get some I-Scream 🙂



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