Chocolate Dreams

If Heaven had a smell I’d imagine it smelt like the inside of Chocolate Dreams. My friend and I were leaving Devon House and he decided to stop by Chocolate Dreams first, I stepped into the store and it smelt like freshly brewed coffee and chocolate. It instantly gave me energy (LIFE.) I looked at my friend wondering why he was doing this to me, when in reality I was just nuff and invited myself, he was buying a gift and I followed him into the store. No I didn’t go here for Valentine’s Day, but seeing that love equals chocolate I figured I’d post this after Valentine’s encouraging you to get fat like me- I mean have chocolate 🙂

So, I needed no convincing, knowing I had limited cash on me, I wasn’t about to buy $500JMD worth of chocolate to be able to use my debit card, I asked the cashier what I could get for $150JMD or less. She pointed out a variety of small portioned chocolates and I picked a milk chocolate “Hazelnut Center,” the Hazelnut Center resembles a truffle only it has a hazelnut in the center. I stuffed it into my bag, I was gonna enjoy that later.

What bun mi though, was that the “Cherry Surprise” was in my price range and the lady didn’t tell me that. The Cherry Surprise is a rum injected cherry covered in milk chocolate, being the rum-lover that I am, I would have bought that instead. The hurt quickly faded though, cause as I got home I devoured my chocolate.


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  1. You missed a nice opportunity to use the challenge prompt this week of milk & smooth with this. 🙂 Would have fit nicely in a Haiku to sum it up at the end. 🙂 And I can imagine how you would do it.

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