Pizza Please!

Jamaica has been graced with a new fast food restaurant that has us shouting Pizza Please!


In December my bestie, Tum, and I were in Half Way Tree doing Christmas gift shopping and we saw the “Pizza Please” sign up in Mall Plaza, being the pizza lover I am, I grew excited at the new pizza venture. This pizza place straight out of Italy, opened early January 2016 with new twists to the regular pizza.  PP3Their pizzas are sold by the slice, with a variety of toppings, the twist is that these toppings are used in everyday Jamaican meals.  Some of the toppings include cabbage, irish potatoes, red herring, jerk chicken/pork, ackee & saltfish, callaloo, and more. These toppings are mixed and matched with ‘regular’ toppings to create these new pizzas in Italian style an’ fashion. The menu changes daily, so everyday there are different topping choices to suite your taste buds. They also offer Panini’s, Calzones and “Sweet Pizzas” which I’d classify as dessert, these pizzas have toppings such as nutella, peanut butter & jelly, and more.

The view of the mall from inside Pizza Please.

In the latter part of January my bestie, Gabby, and I got to try out the new pizzas. As you can see the slices are rectangular, unlike the triangular cut we’re used to.

We 'built a box.'
We built a box.

To ‘build a box’ is when you purchase a good amount of slices, allowing you to get a large box to fit it all. We ordered three slices each, we both tried the Callaloo pizza and the Cabbage pizza, I had the Cheese pizza as my third slice and Gabby had the “Arrabbiata” which means Angry in Italian, that is in the lower right hand corner of the box. The pizzas are super spicy, I think they got the pepper aspect of Jamaica on point. One thing I don’t like is how thin the crust is but all in all it’s delicious, it’s different and I’d definitely go back. I want to try their Calzone next 🙂



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