Capture Land Jamaica Tour Pt.2

Jose Marti High School | Spanish Town, Jamaica

As per usual for any Jamaican event, the starting wasn’t timely. I wonder how the late trend started… Is it that as Jamaicans we’re just never on time? Or is it that promoters were never on time so patrons started coming late? Or are the promoters waiting on a large enough crowd before kicking off the event? The world may never know. As a rule of thumb for me and my best friend, Lexxi, if the event flyer says 8pm we make sure to arrive promptly by 9pm, we always give an hour leeway.


I went with Denni, a media personnel, so we arrived before the crowd, I had to make an effort to be early since I was hitching a ride. When we arrived the stage had already been set up, with all the instruments waiting patiently to rock the night away.

Can I dash in some selfies?

Most of the booths were set up, entertaining the early patrons, there were 3 food oriented booths, and other entrepreneurs such as Ination (books, natural skin care products & graphic tees,) Bresheh (customized bags,) Momo Penelli Designs (afro-centric designed clothes,) and a couple more. I recently did a post about Momo, I love her work.

The opening act was A-Game, he came on with his thrilling burst of energy. Taking us through his set seamlessly with songs like “A-Game Everyday” “Working All Day” “No Time Fi Badmind” & “Ego.” He let us into his head for a while as he was mourning for a close friend, he sang along to the song “I’ll Be Missing You” by Puff Daddy as a tribute for the recently deceased, Jordan ‘J Capri’ Phillips. He picked up the pace for his final song “We Goin’ Hard.”


Next up was the ever loyal, never partial, Jesse Royal. The crowd roared for him, fans knowing the words to most of his songs, sang along. He controlled the crowd, we sang along as much as we could, but he loves to freestyle. He has a raga muffin vibe to him, by that I mean he looks rough and confident, and when he raps his flows it makes you go “Oh!” lol were you feeling that? nah? okay x_x lol Jesse is smooth even though his voice isn’t. He also gave us a piece of his new love song, it’s so cute, made me wish I was Mrs. Royal.

Jesse Royal
Jesse Royal

Chronixx… I must say was the freestyle master for the night, he had a lot of flows, that had us cheering him on for more. In his home town of Spanish Town, he sang his heart out, you could feel the joy blasting from the stage in waves. Word for word the crowd knew his songs, and I’m sure that made him proud. He even spoke about the fact that he loves when he gets the opportunity to perform in Jamaica, because he knows that is family might be there, or his primary school teacher, as it’s just a completely different feeling performing at home. We also got a little bit of Major Lazer, they had a concert in Jamaica that same night, and our piece of it was when Chronixx sang “Blaze Up The Fire” and he did blaze up nuff fire in the place!

The man called Chronixx
The man called Chronixx

I was really glad I went to this concert, seeing as I missed the Part 1 and heard how amazing it was. I can say I got my fill because I enjoyed the concert from beginning to end, from the Ackee Yatties, to the vibrations from the speaker within me, to the workings of the artistes on stage, I had fun.

Artiste Photos\\Full album here: Capture Land Jamaica Tour Pt.2|Universal Reggae.


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