M.I.A.- I'm Back!

Hey everyone 🙂

This is my formal post to say I’m back! Yes, I stayed away longer than I said I would but let’s just say I went on a vacation 🙂 Today I came on my blog, in drafts, (I have a lot of posts to come) and I felt that feeling, where I just had to write. I hope it’s not too much rambling as I wanna let it stay as the blob of feelings that came through my finger tips.

One thing I’m happy about, is that fellow Jamaicans are viewing my blog, by right it is most helpful to them. At first I only got views from different countries but I try to share my articles more, and I’m glad Jamaicans are now seeing it. We have a stigma in Jamaica, where persons don’t support their own [people] until they’re a hit, or they’ve become known in a different country. Truly, in our hearts as Jamaicans trying to prosper that stigma hurts, because I [we] want support from our own, to encourage us, and to [then] bring our goods to the international level. This is just a blog, but it has my words, and one way or another they will be heard. So views or no views, I will continue to make sounds in this forest, cause I may not be heard, but I’m making an impact.

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