Expression Wednesdays

The Jamaican Owl, commonly known as a Patoo (for the sound of its ‘hoots’) is endemic to Jamaica. I learned that many years ago on Earth Day, when I skipped a day in high school to volunteer at Hope Zoo.

“Look at me as poor as I be, I’m free, happy like the birds in the trees, just watch my story unfold…”

Shot taken out by Chudleigh Pass in Manchester, Jamaica.

When Nicholi sent me that photo I knew I had to share it on my blog one day, and the day reach 🙂 I think owls are mystical, probably because I don’t see them as often as a next person but isn’t the one in the photo cute? I think it’s cute. I’m not gonna go on and on about owls but when I do see one I look in awe like a little kid.

Anyway I have a song I want you to listen while you’re here, it’s “My Story” by Blvk H3ro.

Image by Nicholi Stevens.


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