Month: July 2016

Epiphany and Tea

I feel so alive I feel to write To right all that’s going wrong, but I’m still young. Short skirts, long dresses, high heels, What’s the deal? Yes, it’s all real, and this is our society. We live for the flashing lights, the attention, The populated […]

Love, Light & Fire

Spades Lounge | Kingston, Jamaica I knew I couldn’t miss this concert from the day I saw the lineup. I’m a big fan of Zosia, I love her voice; and the rest of the lineup, I came to find out was just as amazing. The name Love, […]

Gloria's Seafood

I went to THE Gloria’s Seafood restaurant for the first time last week. My aunt is in Jamaica for vacation, and she was hell-bent on going there for some fried fish. The drive from my house to Port Royal took us about 45 minutes.

We weren’t completely sure where we were going but we found it; I got excited as we approached the bright yellow sign displaying the name. They were prepared for large amounts of patrons, as they had a large tent outside with white plastic tables and chairs, parallel to the wooden building standing at two stories high. We got a table on the second floor and soon placed our order.

Grandma having Fish Tea.
Grandma having Fish Tea.

If you’ve heard about Gloria’s you must know, that you don’t go there hungry, unless you want to run the risk of getting gas. The wait time to get your meal is extremely long, the wait stage consists of: small talk with your guests, you begin to daydream, you feel your stomach start to turn, you wonder if the waitress forgot you, you check your social media. It took us about an hour to get our meals, I could hear the trumpets playing when my eyes caught sight of our waitress at the top of the stairs, WITH the food.

Let me tell you though, it was definitely worth the wait. I ordered Steamed Fish with Festival as my side dish, as well as my Grandma and Mom, but with Steamed Bammy as their side. My aunt ordered Fried Fish with Fried Bammy as her side, my cousin ordered Honey Jerk Shrimp with White Rice, and my sister the same but with Fries as her side.

Our table.
Our table.

My steamed fish was delicious, I got a huge snapper, plated with raw shredded vegetables, it was steamed with some okra, onions, pumpkin, tomatoes and carrots. I was vex that I only got one piece of carrot cause it was nice steamed, and I don’t eat okra which the plate happened to be filled with. It was moist and well seasoned with just the right amount of pepper, mi seh! mi glad the whole scotch bonnet pepper never end up in my plate cause the two seed I got nearly kill me. They have the right link for the scotches, I swear. Their festivals were good as well, is not everybody have the recipe on point, they have it though.

My Steamed Fish and Festival.

All in all it was a good experience, I enjoyed my meal and I’d recommend anybody to go there, though the wait is long, the food is great. Also I’d go at night because the sea breeze a it, we felt none of the summer heat. P.S. Patronize the vendor and buy two jelly coconuts, her van is right next door.



Excuse my camera quality, I just have an iPhone 5.

Expression Wednesdays

Hi everyone, today I’m sharing 2 song that I’m feeling right now, “Cave Of Hearts” by Indie Allen, off his new EP “The Indie Movement.” This song honestly makes me miss my first love, simply because at this point in my life he’s the only true love I’ve […]