Month: August 2016

Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone! ūüôā This Wednesday I’m sharing Sevana’s brand new EP with you. She has posted all the tracks on her Soundcloud profile, and as I listened to them I was in awe. I love this project, it’s her first and it’s a hit to […]

Sankofa Sessions: BLVK H3RO

A Sankofa Session is a place filled with good energies, painting, and good music. The founder, Iset Sankofa, deejays her favourite selections of African Music and World Music; for the patrons to enjoy while relaxing, and painting. Sankofa Sessions are at Ashanti Oasis Restaurant,¬†12 Braemar […]

In The Shade

Must be nice to be,
Rock stone a river bottom,
Neva know sun hot.

(Must be nice to be, rock stone a river bottom.
Rock stone a river bottom, neva know sun hot.)

I saw river and stone and wanted to put in that Jamaican proverb; “Rock stone a riva bottom nuh know sun hot” which translates to “A stone at the bottom of a river never feels the heat of the sun.” It means those in easy circumstances do not realize the hardship of others.

Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge: River&Stone.


One One Coco

I hope you have been enjoying my “One Coco” posts; I saw a photo¬†on Shanny’s blog post, #DryLandTouristChronicles: Jamaica Conference Centre..A Work Of Art, which was some insight on the Jamaica Conference Centre and its beautiful design. The photo¬†is of a plaque that states “One […]

One Coco

Siwatu Jewelry This Coco¬†consists of¬†old purchases but I had to show you these, when Siwatu just opened I purchased that swirly copper ring, and the one with the rose looking embellishment was a birthday gift I got¬†after. The thing I love about copper is that […]

Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone!

I told you about this song last week and guess what?! The music video was released on Monday, check out this fresh release, the official music video for “FLY” by GiRL featuring Kenzic.

If the video didn’t make you want to dance, I don’t know what would ūüėõ Never miss an update, follow¬†GiRL on her social media, Instagram: @Girl_Jamz Twitter: @GiRL_jamz and on Facebook: Shanique Brown = GiRL. The song is¬†also available for purchase on iTunes, here.


One Coco

Chupse This one is another oldie but goodie, this Coco is my Chupse bracelet. I’ve introduced Chupse on my blog a while back in this post, here; for the new persons to 876LoveR, let me tell you about the brand. Chupse, which is Patois, means […]

Ode To Rappers

Tell me the reason, Why do you like sprouting rhymes? Can’t deny your shine. (Tell me the reason, why do you like sprouting rhymes? Why do you like sprouting rhymes? Can’t deny your shine.) Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge: Rhyme&Reason.

Upcoming Events!

Don’t be stuck at home, bored out your mind! If you don’t have anything planned this week, here are a few events to check out! (more…)

FWTW Empowerment Brunch

I was perusing social media when I happened to see a For Women To Women flyer, and being me, (anything that emanates femininity is lovely to me)¬†I had to see what this website entailed.¬†For Women To Women is about celebrating and empowering women, so they […]