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I don’t want to be one who stresses cliché lines but I’m a person that doesn’t doubt the endless possibilities in life, the inspirational quotes we see are more than just pretty. The circumstances you’re in currently may cause your mind to stay one-tracked, to make you feel like you have no choice in life but to do “this” as it’s the best decision but there are more than one solutions to any problem or situation. That’s where I was in life, and it all changed on Sunday afternoon at a Drumming rehearsal.

It was an overcast afternoon, and we arrived at Inna Di Yard, 3pm sharp. Our teacher wasn’t there as yet, so we got the instruments from inside, just us three, Minkah, Lexxi and me. We started practicing some riddims, and while on the flame exercise our teacher appeared, Miss Ouida Lewis. She asked us to play another exercise, and wasn’t too pleased with the sound but knowing the drums needed tuning she wasn’t too hard on us. She took the worst of the three djembes and began tuning it, little did I know I would be the topic of light chatter while tuning.

She jovially asked what we were doing with our lives, then she asked me how my course was coming along and ended with “So you’re gonna have a big accounting firm when you’re done, right?” I told her no, I’m just doing it for right now, and when I’m done I’m gonna do something else. The statement puzzled her, which led to her asking what I really wanted to do. I told her journalism, and she asked why I’m not doing that first. I said I liked accounting but it’s not my dream job, I explained why I’m currently in accounting as an attempt to explain how I saw it in my head.

With every statement she made, I felt more frustrated because, to me she didn’t understand, she didn’t know how my personal life was set up. Slowly tears rolled down my cheeks, and the more I tried to hold them back, the more it hurt, then I released… and the tears flowed. Everything she was saying made complete sense, and I was just being a pussy, a scaredy-cat sticking to the easiest route I saw in life.

She told me she’s read my blog posts, and that she loves to read so she’s very critical of writing and that she likes how I write, then I almost started crying again lol. She said between the ages 21-27 is the time to hone your career, and to end the talk she told me to follow my dreams. I kid you not, that talk changed a lot in me, I knew what I wanted but my dream was on the backseat, hearing her say “follow your dreams first,” was the push I needed.

I’m gonna leave you with this mantra, and as I wrote this post I actually remembered my fave quote, that sits in a frame in my room, that I’ve over looked for about three years now. Don’t worry and complain, think of solutions… is the mantra. The quote is

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve always imagined.”

-David Henry Thoreau


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