Straight out of Jamaica is the new single “Fly” by GiRL featuring Kenzic. The strength and beauty of the voice of both these artistes are undeniable, so when I saw that GiRL was releasing her first official single, and it featured Kenzic, I was overjoyed. I’ve heard them live before and I have been waiting for the music, I’ve been keeping an eye… well listening out for these two upcoming artistes. “Fly” was co-written by GiRL and Kenzic, and it was produced by KeeRAB Records. I was actually surprised when I listened to it for the first time because it was Hip-Hop, and that wasn’t the vibe I got from either artiste but it works. When you have the voice and the lyrics like these two you come across strong in any genre, take a listen for yourself.

“You’re so fly, boy…”

Keep in the know and follow GiRL on Instagram: @Girl_Jamz Twitter: @GiRL_jamz and on Facebook: Shanique Brown = GiRL. Fly is also available for purchase on iTunes, here.


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