FWTW Empowerment Brunch

I was perusing social media when I happened to see a For Women To Women flyer, and being me, (anything that emanates femininity is lovely to me) I had to see what this website entailed. For Women To Women is about celebrating and empowering women, so they can fulfill their true potential in life. While on the site I saw that there were three prior brunches, two in Jamaica and one in New York, with advertisement for a third in Jamaica. I knew I had to make it to the next brunch, not only did I have networking on my mind, I loved the initiative Carey-Lee had begun.

The day finally arrived and as much as I was prepared, I knew what I was wearing, hair had been prepped, I had my makeup idea in my head, AND I woke when my first alarm rang…I was still late.


Sign up had been from 9-10 but since I was late, I signed up right away, collected my goody bag and program and picked an empty seat, at a table near to the front of the room. Though the introduction was going on I had to take a look around at the dazzling decor and to see if I saw any familiar face. I was a total girl about the whole experience, just the fact that I got dressed up and did my makeup and was in a room full of just as titivated and beautiful women made me excited to see how the day would turn out.


Carey-Lee Dixon, For Women To Women Founder, opened by thanking us for being a part of her event; she gave a brief run through of the day’s activities and invited us to have “Rise and Shine Breakfast” which was a breakfast buffet sponsored by Jamaica Money Market Brokers (JMMB.) She handed the microphone to the moderator, Chereese LaVonne Ricketts, who led the power engagement session (light conversation while we had breakfast.)

From left, Chereese LaVonne Ricketts, Krystal Tomlinson, Monique Kennedy, & Kemesha Kelly.

The first panel discussion was about Power of Self into Sisterhood. Chereese asked a few questions which each panelist answered, Krystal Tomlinson, Monique Kennedy, and Kemesha Kelly. What stuck with me in particular was a something that Kemesha shared. She told a heartfelt experience that happened recently, it made her almost turn down the offer to be a speaker at the brunch. She closed off that story by expressing to us that persons will always find something to say about you, whether you’ve done bad or good, so don’t let the opinion of others let you falter in your steps toward your goals. Another point that stuck was themed around the auditing of your close circle, ensure the persons you consider your support system genuinely support you.

Keynote Speaker, Kelly Tomblin.

Kelly shared with us stories of many challenges she’s faced in life, and how she got to the position she currently holds, CEO & President of the Jamaica Public Service. She emphasized that believing in yourself is key, and that facing your fears head on would make you push your limits, and more than likely exceed your expectations. I loved Kelly’s speech, it made me start to prioritize my goals more so than I normally do, as she had so many great points and the quotes to match. Kelly ended her speech by showing a short inspirational video featuring women worldwide who have successfully attained their goals. Here is one of the quotes that stuck with me.

“Don’t shrink. Don’t puff up. Stand your sacred ground.”

Brené Brown

From left, Kelly Tomblin, Terri-Karelle Reid, & Mariame McIntosh-Robinson.

This discussion was about Cultivating Relationships, Influencing Change, and Positioning Yourself for Success. Kelly Tomblin returned to the stage with Terri-Karelle Reid, and Mariame McIntosh-Robinson to take on these questions. These women spoke about setting goals regularly, and being strategic and purposeful in fulfilling them. One should take the most positive approach to anything you’re doing, to find like minded people to position yourself towards your goals. Also, to even find a mentor with the same ideals and goals as you. Something that Terri-Karelle Reid spoke strongly about is the people you associate with; she believes your support system/network should tell you the hard truth, she believes in good quality versus quantity in friendships. This panel discussion was followed by a short question and answer segment, then by brunch.

I was hungry by the time we were served brunch, but I had to snap the food for you guys, sadly there was no menu so I had no idea what the names of the dishes were; we were given a soup as appetizer, and the main course was served buffet style. The Knutsford Court Hotel staff were very courteous and friendly, and the food was delicious.

I was pleased with the outcome of the brunch, the discussions were enlightening and all of the panelists gave reasonable and down to earth answers to the questions. Though it ran a little over the scheduled time, the day was fun. Kelly Tomblin’s speech was nice and empowering, and to top it off the food was delicious.

I’d also like to give a shout out to the sponsors: KW Events & Rentals, Jik Reuben, Live Stush, The Gleaner, MOKEN, JMMB, Ecolon, St. Mary’s, Pandora Day Spa, L’OREAL, Hi-Lo Food Stores, Sugarplum, Oxx System, and Ettenio; I enjoyed the items I received in the goody bag.

Interested in connecting? Visit the website www.ForWomenToWomen.com

‘There is enough room for all of us. Stand and build each other up.”

Some photos are from the sponsors Jik Reuben, Live Stush, and JMMB.



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