One Coco


This one is another oldie but goodie, this Coco is my Chupse bracelet. I’ve introduced Chupse on my blog a while back in this post, here; for the new persons to 876LoveR, let me tell you about the brand. Chupse, which is Patois, means “a small kiss,” this product line was created by the Jamaican Association on Intellectual Disabilities (JAID) to raise funds for disabled persons. They are located at the School of Hope recently renamed the Schools of Special Education. Chupse jewelry ranges from bracelets to necklaces and earrings; they are made from natural materials by persons with intellectual disabilities as well as other volunteers.

The products are sold at various outlets across Jamaica. Take a look at some of the jewelry Chupse has to offer on their Facebook page, here, and find out more about the initiative and about Intellectual Disabilities in Jamaica on the JAID website, here.


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