One One Coco

I hope you have been enjoying my “One Coco” posts; I saw a photo on Shanny’s blog post, #DryLandTouristChronicles: Jamaica Conference Centre..A Work Of Art, which was some insight on the Jamaica Conference Centre and its beautiful design. The photo is of a plaque that states “One One Coco Full Basket” and the plaque is surrounded by names of persons who contributed in some way to the building of the Centre.


I did an introduction post already (here) but this photo made me want to speak about this again. Incase you missed it, One one coco full basket is a Jamaican proverb which means, do things little by little to achieve your goals. My One Coco posts show my effort to support Jamaican brands, #BuyJamaicanBuildJamaica. I’m rolling on a budget so I’m crossing items off my wish list little by little, hence the name of the feature, “One Coco.” You can view the Coco I have collected so far in the Basket.



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  1. […] Sugarplum Box is Jamaica’s first subscription box service, you can visit their website, here, to learn more. One of my favourite parts of the experience is seeing the email from the Chief Excitement Officer saying “#GetExcited!” that’s when I know our boxes will be shipped soon…and I get excited😀 I had said the Sweet Sweet Jamaica Box would be my only Sugarplum Box for a while, then I found out the following theme would be the Hello Queen Box…and I had to get it lol! Cheers to buying from Jamaican Businesses! See what my One Coco initiative is about, here. […]

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