One One Coco

I hope you have been enjoying my “One Coco” posts; I saw a photo on Shanny’s blog post, #DryLandTouristChronicles: Jamaica Conference Centre..A Work Of Art, which was some insight on the Jamaica Conference Centre and its beautiful design. The photo is of a plaque that states “One One Coco Full Basket” and the plaque is surrounded by names of persons who contributed in some way to the building of the Centre.


I did an introduction post already (here) but this photo made me want to speak about this again. Incase you missed it, One one coco full basket is a Jamaican proverb which means, do things little by little to achieve your goals. My One Coco posts show my effort to support Jamaican brands, #BuyJamaicanBuildJamaica. I’m rolling on a budget so I’m crossing items off my wish list little by little, hence the name of the feature, “One Coco.” You can view the Coco I have collected so far in the Basket.



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