Sankofa Sessions: BLVK H3RO

A Sankofa Session is a place filled with good energies, painting, and good music. The founder, Iset Sankofa, deejays her favourite selections of African Music and World Music; for the patrons to enjoy while relaxing, and painting. Sankofa Sessions are at Ashanti Oasis Restaurant, 12 Braemar Avenue, every Tuesday, from 8pm to 1am with an entrance fee of just $300JMD.

The space is as beautiful as the energies it attracts; the walls were adorned with paintings that seemed to be from previous Sankofa Sessions. There was jewelry on sale; bracelets, necklaces, and earrings made of beads laid on a table near the entrance, some sparkled in red, gold, and green as you walked by. The small restaurant  was packed with vibes as wonderful music pelted through the air, while the artists manipulated the paint. When I arrived Biko In Motion was selecting the music but soon after, Iset took over the Dj stand. As usual with these events, I enjoyed the ambiance, the Marijuana scented ‘incense’ was quite lovely. I caught up with my friends until it was time for the performance, this week was a BLVK H3RO take over.

BLVK H3RO and the Reggae Soul Band.
BLVK H3RO and the Reggae Soul Band.

The set started with the Reggae Soul Band taking us into an acoustic vibe, (I must say the band sounded great!) BLVK H3RO then stepped up to the mid-stage mic, joining them. He started off with “Mucky Mucky” then smoothly took us to “Final Destination” followed by “My Story” all the while having a light chat with the audience between the songs. He expressed to us that he loved acoustic sets for that same reason; so that he could have a more face to face connection, rather than his usual performance style of being all over the stage, and jumping about. The next song he sang was a sweet love song, “M.A.R.Y.” then he took the energy up a notch with the final song of his set, “Herb” he definitely got the crowd moving with that one, and made it even nicer by dropping in a little of “Move Your Feet” by Runkus.

It was a great performance, I enjoyed it, and I agree with H3RO that acoustic set gives a more intimate connection, it was nice. Don’t forget to like and follow Sankofa Sessions on Facebook and Instagram. BLVK H3RO as well, Facebook & Instagram.



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