KOTE 2016: Connections

Kinston On The Edge Urban Festival

KOTE is  an annual event which came about simply to showcase the art that is happening in Kingston. It is a celebration of the creativity we have, that aren’t necessarily given a chance to be seen by the wider society; the works are showcased outside of the traditional spaces. By Art, it is not only pieces on canvas, the live music that is giving Jamaica life is incorporated as well. The theme for KOTE 2016 was Connections, which inspired some of art work.

My best friend and I opted to do some volunteering for KOTE this year. We were in charge of selling T-shirts at the different events, not all of course because the KOTE week was filled with activities. Fun fact: KOTE was established in the 2007.

Our station at the Opening event.

The opening event was hosted at the Redbones Blues Café; it went quite smoothly, I enjoyed  it, though I was working I was hearing the performances loud and clear. I also took a stroll around and saw some of the artwork; I tried to take some photos for you, just so you could glimpse the beautiful pieces.

Jermaine Morgan:

Patrick Planter:

Michael Steffen:

Marcella Seivwright:

I know the photos aren’t that great but it’s the thought that counts. Look out for KOTE 2017 by liking their Facebook page: Kingston On The Edge and keeping an eye on the website: www.KingstonOnTheEdge.org.



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