Jamaican Brand List!

One Coco is the newest feature on 876LoveR, and I figured why not share the list of Jamaican brands I’m working through. The list will be in categories, some brands will be repeated as they make both products. Also! The list grows all the time, cause I buck a new brand on Instagram almost everyday.


Slang Teez Clothing
Momo Penelli Designs
Xperience Clothing
Quaint by GSC
Misim Beach Babe
Crotchet Eye Candy
Dari Clothing
Jae Jolly
Club Diamonds Co.
Rhea Imani Designs
Sokini Swimwear
Modern Reign by Stephy Michelle
D’Havia Designs
Reeci’s Pieces
DTS Designs
SoChill Clothing


Bridget’s Sandals
Crotchet Eye Candy
Reeci’s Pieces
D’NexStep Sandals
Caribbean Sandals Company
Reve Jewellery & Accessories

Hair/Skin Care:

Kumea’s Hair Perspective
Asherlee Naturals
Vintage Chic
Irie Rock
Luxury Treat
Earth Elements
OXX System
Earthly Desires


Momo Penelli Designs
Siwatu Jewelry
Vintage Chic
The Original Arm Candy
Reve Jewellery & Accessories


Quaint by GSC
Boasty Co.


Bartley’s All in Wood – Wooden Tings
Bella Scents – Soaps/Candles
Your True Shade – Makeup
Sugarplum Box – Subscription Box Service
The Artsy Trail – Personalized gifts
NGOZI – Soaps/Candles

What are you waiting for? Go check them out!


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  1. Lol so I just read through all of your blog posts … they are really nice and inspiring 😀 Your a really good writer and also very intuned with what your culture and what our little island has to offer 😌 I’m an admirer of all the other Jamaican brands myself so I can really see what perspective your speaking from haha I have my own wish list too even tho I have my own business lmao

    Looking forward to your future posts and poems !

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