Public Forum: Jamaica To The World

Are We Social Media Ambassadors?

I just happened to be scrolling on Facebook when I saw the flyer for this forum being put on by Fi Wi Jamaica, and thought why not go see what it’s about. It was held at the Spanish Court Hotel, last week Tuesday. Before you see the highlights, read the article explaining why this forum was established, here.

I got to the venue a little past 6pm, the place was still scanty so I took a seat, near to the front, saving a seat to my left for my friend. I liked the set up, which was probably how the conference room usually looked, a couple rows of comfortable black chairs, the panelist table front-center of the room.

L-R: Fabian Thomas, Hanniffa Patterson, Russhaine ‘Dutty’ Berry, Rosalea Hamilton, Kelli-Dawn Hamilton.

Once the seats had filled out some more, they promptly began. Fabian Thomas, Host/Moderator, began by soulfully singing Jamaica’s National Anthem; followed by a short speech and the introduction of the panelists. He was followed by Rosalea Hamilton, Founder of Fi Wi Jamaica, in her speech she explained that with power there must be repercussions, and that we may not be the best ambassadors to represent Jamaica on social media. Ending with a quote from the Ubuntu philosophy.

First up from the panel was Kelli-Dawn Hamilton, Communication Professional, she stressed that we’re to be changing agents in the society, to share uplifting and sensible things on social media. Followed by Hanniffa Patterson, Social Media Strategist & Consultant, and Founder & CEO of Oui Social Media, she urged us not to be just a consumer of the things seen on social media but to create content, genuine content.

Then Russhaine Berry, Youtuber and Blogger known as Dutty Berry, took to the podium expressing that there are moments where a lot of us, Jamaican social media users, can be unbalanced where we are ready to defend Jamaica from anyone bad mouthing us but in that same breath be saying negative things about the country. He asked us to try to be more balanced, and to “Social Media Responsibly.” After him was a question and answer segment, where members of the audience could voice their remarks or concerns, and ask the panelists questions.

Finally, Fi Wi Jamaica proposed Big Up Jamaica Day, this day will be on our Hero’s Day, October 17th 2016. All you have to do to participate is share or tweet something positive about Jamaica on your social media platforms, with the hashtag #BigUpJamaica and optionally, #FiWiJamaica.

Learn more about Fi Wi Jamaica by following their social media pages, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.


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