Forever Sweet

Forever Sweet is a small pastry store, upstairs 36 Burlington Avenue, shop #9 to be exact. My mom found their page on Instagram and told me about it, so we had been eyeing their scrumptious looking cakes for a while. This week my mom, my little sister and I finally stopped by for a taste. I love their décor, the pink and white is quite nice; they have no seating though, I hope they expand to a café setting one day.

Mom had the Pistachio Cake, Kelis had the Lychee Cheesecake, and I had the Cookie N Cream Cake. I’m definitely gonna be back, because I need to stay forever sweet; the prices are just right and the cakes are delicious. I enjoyed them (mi did haffi taste the other two as well lol) except the lychee one, because I don’t like lychee.

Follow their social media pages to see more, Instagram: @ForeverSweetJa, Facebook: Forever Sweet.


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