One Coco: Bresheh

I’m wondering if I should call this post a Coco, when it really is about breadfruit 🙂 Bresheh, is what we call Breadfruit, this brand name is very creative. “Bresheh’s goal is to capture the good vibes and high energy of Jamaican culture in a range of high-quality, locally manufactured products, beginning with bags. Bresheh bags are locally made and 100% customizable, allowing customers to choose the design, size, colours and materials used.” This coco was a gift, it’s one of Bresheh’s crossbody bags.

Photo credit: Bresheh Facebook page.

I want a regular sized Bresheh bag, like the one in the photo above. I’m planning to get that next year though 🙂

Follow them on Facebook: Bresheh, Instagram: @PickBresheh, and shop on the website:


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