Month: September 2016

On Fire

This is what happens when a volcano becomes active. Lava runs through my veins, static on my skin, a glow on my cheeks from within. And that’s just from thoughts, of you. When you’re around, the slightest touch sets me ablaze. Every nerve ending feels […]

Jamaican Brand List!

One Coco is the newest feature on 876LoveR, and I figured why not share the list of Jamaican brands I’m working through. The list will be in categories, some brands will be repeated as they make both products. Also! The list grows all the time, […]

Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone 🙂

Last week Protoje was the special guest on BBC Radio 1Xtra’s Fire In The Booth! and he went in, him literally bun up the booth if you ask me. If you want to know why I love Protoje, take a look at him rapping in the video below. His flow game is on point!


Gungo Walk Festival

The Gungo Walk Alternative Music & Arts Festival is an event which creates a space for Folk, Alternative, and experimental sounds from Jamaica, the Caribbean and the International scene to showcase their talents alongside Jamaica’s mainstream music; Dancehall and Reggae. It is held at the Edna Manley College of the Visual […]

The Fault In Our Stars

If only we could, Believe the magic in stars, And be fueled by hope. (If only we could, believe the magic in stars. Believe the magic in stars, and be fueled by hope.) Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge: Magic & Stars.


REMSZN is the first album out of REM (Rapid Eye Movement) ‘Living Dream’ which is a collective of creative individuals, each nurturing different talents. REMSZN is the brain child of Leno Banton, writer and singer on the album. The project had members of REM executing their talents, SNR exclusively produced it, Irie Girl sang on a track, and Khari Kamau and Kxrly Miyagi (Karlando) did the artwork.

Leno Banton
Leno Banton

“…Done dancing with the demons, I’m in a different place. Selah.”

See the track list below, and take a listen:


I like REMSZN; SNR and Leno came with a different vibe for this one, and it definitely worked! The songs tell a story, and the flow from song to song is pleasant, it starts off with a warrior like strength and ends with love. My fave songs from the project are “Buffalo SoulJAH,” “Eight7Six,” ‘LVLs” and “Regime.” The lyrics are good, and I love that, for me personally I look out for nice lyrics when listening to new music. I also like the small interludes or ‘Medz’ as it’s called on the album, where you get to feel a little more of Leno as a person. He speaks his thoughts on life between the tracks, the topics include Self-awareness-which seemed to take a lead throughout the project- Marijuana, Spirituality, Uplifting the youth of Jamaica, & Appreciation of family, and friends who are family.

“Inna di Blessed Indies, Rapid Eye Movement…”

Tell me what you think about the album in the comments below! Keep in the know, follow Leno Banton on Twitter: @LenoBanton. REMSZN is available for download for free, here, or click the download button on the Soundcloud page, here. Also, take a look at what the REM Collective has in store on their website, here.



Upcoming Events!

Hello Everyone! I have a few things for you to do this weekend! Starting from today 🙂

Expression Wednesdays

Hi everyone 🙂 Today I’ll be sharing the newly launched music video for “Sail Away” by Anna Mariah. I like the song, I had it on repeat on Monday; it also inspired my haiku, Sail Away.

One Coco: Sugarplum Box

Sugarplum Box is a Jamaican subscription service, this subscription service is one where you sign up for a month or few, and receive a box containing five or more items. Each box has a different theme and the items would follow the theme. One of the best parts about a subscription service is that the items you’re gonna receive is a surprise, (unless you keep checking for the sneak peeks) you’ll patiently wait for shipping day, and when your box arrives you’ll see all your goodies. This Coco comes with brawta! I got the chance to ask, Marsha McFarlane, the founder of Sugarplum Box, a few questions; read the interview below and view what I got in the box.

â—ŠIn what year did you start the business?

The first boxes were sent out in November 2013.

â—ŠWhat inspired the idea of a subscription box?

The first business Marsha started was Hair Honey; which took off really well, they sold hair products. It was in a time when natural hair was all the rage, and you had to have the products to care your hair, and as many as possible too. Being the innovator that she is, one day her mind was churning, and this question popped up, “What next?” She was inspired by Curl Box, and thought the idea of a subscription box was great. She didn’t want to use hair products though, because it couldn’t be guaranteed the amount of persons that would buy hair products every month, so she decided on a lifestyle box. Hair Honey had as many as 8,000 followers on Facebook so she used her following and brought to them this new product.

â—ŠDid you think a subscription box would take off in Jamaica?

She decided to pursue her idea of a subscription box because those of us here in Jamaica that participate in these boxes from overseas, don’t get the same satisfaction. By the time we get our box we know what’s inside, and it’s less exciting when we finally get it, plus we’ll have the excess expense of shipping fees. (So basically she did it for di yutes so we could get a buss.)

â—ŠIs the “Jamaica Box” annual?

Yes, the Sweet Sweet Jamaica Box is annual…She gave us a tip that soon there will be a “Sweet Sweet Jamaica Box” always available for purchase on the website. That was somewhat the initial plan, to have a Jamaica Box every month but to find different Jamaican made products to switch it up would be hard, and she didn’t want to be monotonous.

â—ŠDoes everyone get the same items in their boxes?

Yes, each box contains the same items; with the Sweet Sweet Jamaica-Ova Dweet Edition, the mugs are different colours, and for the Bella Blair CD’s, those were put in boxes at random as a special surprise.

â—ŠIs there any downside to this type of business?

One of the main problems is Jamaica’s economy, and not so much as the clientele but the businesses/manufacturers. They will give a bare minimum to near nothing discount, but  to most of our small local businesses the production costs and margins may be inhibiting. She tries to ensure that you get more than you pay for; one of her goals is to get the Sugarplum Box down to $20USD from its current $39. Truly she tries to get items as affordable as possible, it’s all about passing the benefits to the customers.

For my first Sugarplum Box, I ordered the 2016 Sweet Sweet Jamaica Box – Ova Dweet Edition. It was delivered to my house by Jamaica post, and of course I unboxed it on my Snapchat. I opened it and saw a card listing the items I received and who made them, and another card explaining their uses; I got 8 items and a Bella Blair CD as a bonus item.

Sweet Sweet Jamaica Box - Ova Dweet Edition
Sweet Sweet Jamaica Box – Ova Dweet Edition

I love the Sugarplum Box! I was surprised by the amount of items I got, the box was beautiful…and I’ll enjoy trying the items I’ve never seen before 🙂 I really like the mug, because it was made just for this box, and the fact that a part of the theme is on it, makes it special. P.S. Listen to “Ova Dweet” by Popcaan (Disclaimer: it’s Dancehall.) Sugarplum Box delivers locally and internationally, so head over to their website and sign up!, also follow them on Instagram for sneak peeks, @SugarplumBox.


Sail Away

To the beach, The sun ticks with time, Sail away. (To the beach, the sun ticks with time. The sun ticks with time, sail away.) Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge: Beach&Time.