Month: November 2016

Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone 🙂 New visuals were released by Maticulus Auburn last week, and I like it, the song has a great vibe too. So you know what that means, I’m sharing it with you today, “Vertigo” take a look. Find Maticulus Auburn on Twitter.


Gold things glistening, Carols the children do sing, Christmas bells ringing. Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge: Gold & Sing.

Upcoming Events

Hello loves 🙂 Our favourite part of the week is here again, the weekend! Though it’s gonna be a rainy one here in Jamaica, I have a few events for you that will be going on this weekend. It’s quite a lot of shopping! We’re not having Black Friday  but it seems we’re excited for Christmas, take a look. (more…)

The New Wave

The debut. I got to the Stones Throw Bar at 9:30, when (Dj) The Stamma was running the Dj stand. He was relieved by Dj Jimmy Q at 10pm. Patrick and I conversed, enjoying the ambiance Stones Throw had to offer. It had aTiki Hut […]

Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone 🙂 Today is Wednesday! So you know what that means, I’ll be sharing a form of expression. Sharing is caring as they say, and I will be sharing two things that were shared with me. My friend, Patrick, shared this blog post with […]

Dare To Live

I’m starting to wonder if Ronovan is giving me a sign, last week and this week’s haiku (theme) are so in sync, well for me.

I do have a dream,
And with daring as the theme,
I will pursue it.

Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge: Dream & Dare.


Fromage Gourmet Market & Bistro

The Gleaner’s Restaurant Week is an annual event all the foodies await, including myself. This year I went to Fromage Gourmet Market & Bistro for dinner; with one of my best friends, Davia. It was a great experience, it was my first time there, and first […]

Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone 🙂 Have you heard Solange Knowles’ new album? The title is “A Seat at the Table.” My friend sent it to me the other day, and I sat down and medz (meditated) it for a while, and I like the album. The first […]


Finally, the day a large section of the Jamaican twitterverse was waiting for, Imprint had arrived. Imprint was Shaundel Campbell’s art exhibition, showcasing her art as well as some other artists’ work; it also had body painting, dancers, and a fashion show. The night ended with a concert, featuring some of the upcoming artistes on the Jamaican music scene. Imma put this out there from now, I didn’t see the concert; so I will just be showing you some photos I took of the art.

I arrived at 9pm, which seemed like everyone had arrived at that time too; a good amount of persons were at the entry way. Inside the New Kingston Conference Centre wasn’t what I expected. It had really dim lighting, with black lights over most of the rooms. There were hanging lights placed over the art pieces so we could see them properly.  You could feel the excitement in the air as persons wondered how the night would ensue. The room buzzed with chatter and camera flashes as persons looked at the displays. Please enjoy, and check out the artists, as I will link their twitter handles.

A friend of mine, Summer Clarke, @Summerclarke95.

Justin Brown.

Shaundel Campbell, @_Rouxvolution.

Selina Chen.

Chanté Blackwood.

Monique Kidd, @Kimmmon.

Kamoet NG-You.

Shaq Cross.

Keanu Gordon, @Duttyboydeth.


The two photos above were taken by Trish from Art Space Caribbean.

There were a few art pieces that I didn’t get to capture, and though I wasn’t there for long, I enjoyed looking at the art work. It was actually hard to take proper photos of the art because of the lighting but I resorted to flash in some instances. I wish I got to see the performances, I’m in love with Blvk H3ro, he performed as well as Royal Blu, Leno Banton, and Di Vibe. My squad for the night, as seen in the photo above, left and went to Kelissa Live, another concert being held that night. shidasignoff2

The Doubt

There’s a new challenge, Just wish it was easy to breathe, without the doubt. Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge: Breathe & New.