Take Style Out Haul!

Take Style Out 2016 Haul! or lack there of… Story time! This year was my least fun TSO or maybe that was because I have my spending under a tight leash right now. Another reason was because I had class… but I was adamant to try and get in some shopping.

“I flew from work like a bat out of hell…” Ooops wrong story. As the clock touched 5pm I was through the door, headed to the bus stop to catch a taxi to Half Way Tree. I had class but I decided I could hit a few stores before going, to see if I could knock some things off my list before they were sold off. I had mapped out the perfect route in my head, Clock Tower Plaza and Bargain Mall first, then Half Way Tree Mall, then I’d head to class, and after class I’d continue my quest.

The weather must have been a forecast of my great plan, or so I thought. The evening had a light breeze and the lowering sun wasn’t sweltering as it usually was. The masses had already took to the streets when I arrived in Half Way Tree, traffic flooded the sidewalks and the roads. Joining the herd I made my way towards my first destination, a makeup store in Bargain Mall. I had one item in mind, which I had scoped out on their Instagram page the night prior.

“Hello, can I see your sale basket?” I asked the store clerk, armed with the picture of the sale basket in my mind, the item I wanted peaking from near the bottom.

“Good Afternoon, I’m sorry, all the items in our sale basket have been sold, however there are items on the shelves at discounted prices if you’re interested.”  The lady who adorned a full face beat with makeup responded.

“No, that’s fine, thank you.”

My first attempt had failed. I scurried out the door and down the stairs, my mission had to be quick, I had class soon. The thought discouraged me from entering a clothes store I passed on the way to the exit, it was bustling with people, and a Deejay playing music at the door to encourage vibes. Though the DJ only added to the confusion that was my calculating mind. I did enter an “All In One” Store directly across from it though, where I purchased my first item of the evening a LA Girl Pro Concealer in the shade Toffee.

Walking through Clock Tower Plaza I checked two other stores for a different shade of concealer but they didn’t have it. The final stop before class was Half Way Tree Mall, that makeup store had little items on sale, disappointing me further. Thirty minutes late and in a sullen mood, I hopped on a coaster bus, heading to class.

Soon enough class ended, and I decided TSO couldn’t end this badly. Once I arrived in Half Way Tree, I took a look at my list to see where to head next. Starting from the closest point, I went to a makeup store in Pavillion Plaza. I wanted a new pressed powder, she didn’t have any in Milani, the brand I used. I also wanted to get my eyebrows waxed but she explained that the place was too busy to do that at the time. Failing once again, I began the distance up to Mall Plaza, there were two other makeup stores I wanted to check. One of the two stores failed me but the last one, Anne Martin, had the Milani pressed powder that I wanted, so I purchased it.

I went into my fave little quirky store, Artique, with nothing in mind I  wandered about, leaving empty handed. By that time the sleep started tugging at me, so I decided to head towards the Half Way Tree Transport Centre, not before stopping in Pavillion again though. The makeup store was this time empty so I waxed my eyebrows and my peach fuzz. Feeling a little better now that I was looking on fleek, I got on a bus and went home.

The End.

These are the items I bought:

Maybe next year will be better?


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