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Deaf Can! Coffee, the name speaks for itself really, it denotes that Deaf can do anything, and as such this coffee shop is operated by deaf persons. Students of the Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf, the café is located on their compound at 4 Cassia Park Road, Kingston 10. Since I knew that area very well, I went to the café this week.

It was a very grounding experience, because it left me wanting to learn sign language, the little I knew was just to spell my name. Though you don’t need to know sign language to go and patronize the store, I would have liked to be able to sign to them, they all seemed so nice. To order you simply pick the number of the item from the menu on display, and if your order could have a flavour added, the cashier would show you the options on the touch screen cash register. I ordered a Vanilla Latte, and it was quite delicious.

Coffee, Deaf Can! Coffee, Vanilla Latte, Cafe, in Jamaica, 876Lover,
My Vanilla Latte.

Go to their website to find out more about Deaf Can! and the services they offer, Also follow their social media pages: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.



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  1. this is really inspiring. I’m deaf myself and just dropped out of uni and feeling down about it so I started up yesterday writing on this…who knows where it will take me. Thanks for sharing this!

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