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Last week I found out about an initiative being put on by our musicians this season and I think it’s wonderful, so if you haven’t heard about it yet let me introduce to you A Crime Free Christmas. At the root of this idea is the well known guitarist, Lamont ‘Monty’ Savory; with the reason for inception being the current devastatingly high crime rates, especially towards our children. The goal for this project is that through music, they hope to influence the persons in society to be more peaceful; 12 of Jamaica’s most popular entertainers will record a song being a fusion of their style and Christmas carols. The videos will then be released each day starting from December 1st. Since the 12 days have passed, I decided to put the songs in a playlist below. Check them out!

All the artistes and the production team supported this effort free of cost, with the goal to simply bring awareness to the excessive crime and to urge the citizens to be safe, and to overall wish this merry season to be crime free. 12 Artistes, 12 songs, 1 message #CrimeFreeChristmas

Follow the project on Instagram: @TheCrimeFreeProject and on Facebook, here.


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