Month: March 2017

Expression Wednesdays

Hello ūüôā I sat here trying to think of a way to put a phrase into this sentence but in the meanwhile I’ll ask you to take a listen to “Meanwhile” by¬†Royal Blu & Leno Banton. This upbeat track will have you blazing through traffic […]

Fresh Prince

Rhyming like Fresh Prince, That’s the vibe that the Spring brings, Joy in the sunshine. Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge: Spring & Fresh.

Upcoming Events!

Is it that moment where you realize it’s Friday and you have no plans for the weekend? Well I’m here to help you out! If you love music, this weekend is one you should enjoy. From Friday to Sunday there are different musical events for you to choose from. In the words of the youth, this weekend looks very #ForTheCulture. (more…)

One Coco: 876Beads

Waist Beads! I had¬†been eying this beautiful jewellery for a while now, then I found them in Jamaica by¬†876 Beads.¬†So I ordered two, the newest addition to the Coco basket. But before I show you what I got, I asked the lovely lady¬†behind 876 Beads, […]

Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone ūüôā There has been a galore of great music releases lately, so I have a lot to share with you but I don’t want to bombard you. This week I have “Vibes i/ii” by Runkus. This one has a very unique mix but […]

My Mother's Love

I cradle this baby in my arms.
Unknowingly conceived,
becoming my sweetest dream.

I pour in love, courage and faith.
Shut the pressure cooker tightly,
and hope, and hope, and hope.

That my work of art, comes out just right.
Though I may have doubts, you will always have my faith.
To grasp onto.

Happy World Poetry Day ‚ô•




Cheer¬†for yourself dear, Don’t let the breeze out your light, Blow back with a fight. Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge: Breeze & Blow.

For The Culture!

Ah the Shell Band Stand…I stepped through the gate and instantly¬†my tummy started to fill with nostalgia; and my head with flashbacks of flashing lights and the roaring of The Indiggnation. I was brought back to Ancient Future Live. Warmth roamed the grounds of the […]

Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone ūüôā

Today I have new¬†music for you, I’m in a great mood because there has some amazing song releases recently. It was actually hard to pick but there’s next week, so come back for more. Today I’m sharing one I adore, I had it on repeat for the words, and simply for¬†her lovely voice,¬†“Pretty Girl” by Zosia McGregor. So take a listen, tell me what you think about the song¬†in the comments below!

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Her Strength

Women, twist and shout, May I inherit her strength, to let love prevail. Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge: Twist & Shout. Stop abusing our women.