Expression Wednesdays

Today is Ash Wednesday, which has a lot of significance for different persons; as for myself, I am grateful for the public holiday. Yesterday was Carnival Tuesday in Trinidad, and as such today signifies the end of their carnival season, and the beginning of our own, here in Jamaica. We celebrate carnival here, because it’s fun. The origin is that, a group of persons went Trinidad and Tobago and experienced their carnival season and fell in love with the festivities, so they brought it back home. Our carnival season does not fall in line with the true religious reasoning, and begins on Ash Wednesday. This was the decided date so as to not be in competition with Trinidad.

I’m a lover of music, so I’m glad we were introduced to Calypso and Soca. The riddim calls for a response from the body, it’s quite enthralling. In preparing for Bacchanal in Jamaica, I found this groovy soca song, today I’m sharing with you “Calypso” by GBM Nutron. I have had it on repeat from last weekend, the instrumental in this song has me hooked, I urge you to listen keenly, maybe you will be able to list all the instruments that created this beautiful melody.


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