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The Season Finale -27/02/16

I cursed myself for wearing this thin shirt when the cold air settled on my skin like a blanket. That and the fact that this was the New Wave finale had me feeling like I walked all the way to the cook shop only to hear “No curry gravy,” vex. But we have to enjoy the good times while they’re here, and that I did.

New Wave, in Jamaica, Art, Khari Kamau, 876Lover, Music, seen by Lynch
Art by Khari Kamau

It was time for the event to start when Dj Stamma, who was in charge of the musical mixing, took the sound down low. The resident host, Brittany Brown warmly welcomed us to the space, and in that same breath introduced the featured artists for the night. Joshua Soals, @Solasink, who is abroad, and Khari Kamau, @Khari.Kamau, who she invited on stage. She asked him where his inspiration comes from, which he responded, from being around his friends, and that he’s interested in patterns.

Her final question was “How do you describe your art?”

“Me.” he responded with a chuckle.

They left the stage, to be replaced by Dj Stamma, who introduced the artiste for the night, Ras-I.

New Wave, in Jamaica, Art, Ras-I, 876Lover, Music,

Ras-I came full storm, with a keyboardist, a bass guitarist, a guitarist, Zosia as backup singer, Cespo on djembe, and Jody on small percussion. We could feel a positive energy radiating from the stage as the band worked concertedly with Ras-I. He sang Still the Storms Come, Dread Inna BabylonNever Gonna Lead I AstrayKeep I Safe; song after song he filled the air with conscious lyrics. He did Roots With Quality for the ladies, and here I must big up Zosia, for hitting all of those notes. He ended his set with Bad Boy Bully.

He couldn’t end without lifting the vibes even more though, this is where more excitement ensued, the unity between the younger and upcoming artistes was heard loud and clear. We got to hear lines and impromptu free styling from Runkus, Pagey, Jeeby, Blvk H3ro, Leno Banton, Grei Show, and some of the ladies as well; Zosia, Courtney, and finally Sevana. Ras-I closed off by giving thanks on behalf of all who touched the stage, and wishing for a great 2017.

This was followed by an open mic session, where anyone got a chance to shine, starting with a dub poet.

New Wave, in Jamaica, Art, Dub poerty, chereese Lavonne, 876Lover, Music,
Chereese LaVonne

Chereese LaVonne introduced herself by simply saying, “I draw words.” Then she began, making my heart swell with her beautiful way with words. The piece I enjoyed the most was her final poem, Speak, I’m not sure of the title but for this sake I’m gonna call it “Speak.”

A portion of persons came up to speak or sing, and collect their 5 minutes of fame. To name a few, there was Nattoo, Khalel, Elad, Meikle for D.R.E.D.Z.-Drums Rythm Expression Dynamic Zeal, Maneen, Sahj, Tara, Eva Flow, Deandra, Pagey, and finally BussWeh party which included Grei Show and Lila Ike. This was followed by the Aux cord segment.

And that is how we said goodbye to this season of New Wave.

Photos by Romario ‘@leBossLYNCH’ Lynch, click the hashtag to see more: #SeenByLynch.


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