My 2017 Carnival Checklist!

Newbie Edition

This is the checklist I’ve curated for my first ever Jamaica Carnival Road March. I made this list for persons who have no clue who to ask the right questions, as it pertains to Road March or Jump Up Day. I shop online a lot, so if it was up to me I’d just ship everything in but that would be more expensive and I’d have to order my things in advance; so I did some research and thanks to Instagram & YouTube I was able to acquire most of my carnival gear, right here in Jamaica. I’ve made the list simple and detailed, so that novices like myself can have an idea of where to purchase carnival supplies, and get their body or nails carnival ready.  All of the items on this list were purchased in Jamaica, except for one, my boots.


Pick A Band:
Bacchanal Jamaica
Xodus Carnival
Xaymaca International
Jamaica Carnival

Pick A Costume: (from Band)
Pixie Dust: Backline with Feather Collar


Book Makeup Artist:
Enhance U Makeup
@Enhance_U on Instagram

Purchase Boots:
I ordered mine online, from Shiekh Shoes

Vegan Suede Kalisa-27 Boots in Brown, I used my favourite courier service ShipMe to bring it to Jamaica.


Purchase Carnival Stockings:
Micles Carnival Tights

I got them at Party Experience. The Low-waist & toe-less one, in the shade Salmon.

Order skin toned items: (Optional)
Nipple Covers
Glitter Fishnet Stockings

I purchased them from the Jamaican representative for Carnivalista, @CarnivalTights_Ja on Instagram.


Book/Get Manicure & Pedicure:
Tenna’s Nails by Ali
@TennazNails on Instagram.

Book/Get Waxed:
Salon Innovation

Book Hair Appointment:

I have natural hair, so I styled it myself 

Purse with arm strap.
Selfie stick.
A flag to rep for your Country.

Yuh ready for the road!

I really hope this list helped you out, because when you don’t know what you’re doing you’ll be running around a lot and gaining unnecessary stress. Shoes can be purchased in Jamaica but as I said I’m an online shopper, and when I saw those boots they were exactly what I wanted. This is my little guideline so feel free to comment any suggestions or tips.

Also, look out for my next post, I’ll be sharing my carnival experience this year 🙂


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