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I woke with a groan, knowing damn well we should have went to bed long before 12am but I wanted to be the first to wish Autumne a happy birthday. I also knew my best friend very well and hit snooze, there was no way she’d be getting up just yet. I hit stop on the alarm this time, grateful for the 10 more minutes. The house spun with the two of us fighting for the shower, getting ready, listening out for the kettle, and checking the time. We had to be at the makeup artist’s place by 6am.

We got there on time by the what must have been magic, or I guess the thief of a taxi driver that over charged us. We hopped out the taxi and began to call the MUA. None of us had credit, and with amazing luck the light drizzle got heavier. I called her on Whatsapp twice and it rang without an answer. As I was about to try again, the gates to the apartment opened and we rushed in.Team member number one of three greeted us, and an hour long wait ensued because of the tardy client before us. When the rest of the team arrived, they got to work promptly and moved in sync with ease. Completing both our faces, leaving two giddy girls, snapping a lot of selfies. Finally feeling the buzz of anticipation about jumping in the Carnival Road March for the first time.

A selfie after our makeup was done.

Now it was time to have breakfast and get ready for di road. After leisurely having breakfast, the time began to move faster than I expected. I stepped up the pace, trying to make sure all the pieces of the costume were in tack, and properly secured onto my body. The glitter fishnets had to be tacked onto my bikini bottom to have a neat finish. Tiara secured, necklace in place, body greased up with sunblock and lotion, and of course some sweet body splash. With shoes remaining we called a cab.

We got to Sovereign Centre at 5 minutes past 11am and there was no truck, music, or revellers in sight. We began the trek down Hope Road alone, passing a few spectators on the side until we were joined by two more tardy revellers, then another two joined the gang. They had the intel on the truck, and we turned off and walked through the residential area rather than on the main road. This route may or may not have been quicker because in my head it felt like we were walking forever. Then we heard the music. Two more turns and we had found the band.

Bacchanal Jamaica.

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Carnival was better than the pictures. Strangers were friends in mas, as anyone was a dance partner. You chip and wine/dance on the road, moving in a sea of beautiful colours with not a care in the world. The only thing to worry about was being careful not to lose an eye because of large feather back packs. You skip from truck to truck following the tunes you like, picking a truck to stay with for a while. There were plenty drink and music trucks, so all the masqueraders weren’t stuck at one spot. Though the carnival costumes aren’t very concealing, being in costume is very liberating. You feel beautiful in your skin, and free. Free to really feel the music, and have a great time.

The experience was amazing. Carnival to me was being a colour, feting along the road of the town feeling unknown… free to dance and enjoy myself with others, carrying pure positive energy. I feel like everyone should experience a Carnival Road March, especially if you didn’t understand my description, nothing beats experiencing it for yourself.

Fun in freedom.

I hope you enjoyed my piece! I’ll be doing an actual review of the Bacchanal Jamaica experience, so look out for it. Honestly, I hadn’t planned to go to carnival next year but after road march, my mind was like, okay we need to start planning.

The photos in this post are from Team DWP Studios and Soca Flash.



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  1. “Strangers were friends in mas, as anyone was a dance partner.” This couldn’t be more true! And yes, you have the experience it to understand. I’m here wondering just how much more euphoric the experience would’ve been if I was actually in costume with the freedom to be anywhere in the fete I pleased, definitely considering jumping next year.

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