Month: May 2017

Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone, Let’s give thanks for new music! Today Jeeby gives us his own remix of Jidenna’s “Bambi” crooning lyrics about his home town, Montego Bay. He sings of the rampant criminal activities causing destruction of the city, as well as keeping head strong through […]

One Coco: I Love Sweetness

This Coco has satiated my coffee problem… for now. I love coffee scented products, and the next best thing to that, coffee scrubs (Exfoliation is key.) My last scrub finished so I’m trying a new one, a dry coffee scrub from I Love Sweetness. I […]


Shine brightly for me,
Please stay out today, I plead,
The waves are a tease.

Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge: Please & Tease.


Protoje & The Indiggnation Takes Tmrw.Tdy

Protoje & The Indiggnation Takes Tmrw.Tdy

Tomorrow Today (Tmrw Tday) Culture Festival had a week of activities geared towards meditation, and rejuvenation, where the goal was to acknowledge what you want in life and to help you to live for today. They brought acts from the “Reggae Revival” out to the […]

20 Years Of Salsa Jamaica

Time really does fly, a year ago myself and two of my best friends stepped into the Alibi Restaurant. Most of the tables and chairs were pushed to one side, making a nice sized dance floor. The orange hue from the setting sun flooded the […]

Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone ūüôā

I have a new song for you this week, this one touched me more than I knew it would. Last week I found out by my Twitter timeline that Chronixx dropped a new tune. As much as I won’t admit it I haven’t been myself lately, too much worrying about the future… Sometimes I just can’t help it but when I heard this song the lyrics really spoke to me.

“Skanking sweet, everybody wanna feel irie, forget your troubles and rock with me.”

If the instrumental doesn’t make you actually want to buss a dance move, message me, cause you must have something bothering you too. This single actually makes me look forward to his album, Chronology. Take a listen to Skanking Sweet.


Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone! It’s a rainy week in Jamaica but we jammin’ still. DJ Stamma released a special mix tape last week, where he¬†showcases¬†music from the¬†“independent musical geniuses of Jamaica.” It has songs from some of the greatest acts to grace the music scene right up […]

Expression Wednesdays

Today we have an artiste fresh on the scene, Yanah, from the REM Collective. She’s pushing her second song release, this time a little freestyle. I’m really feeling it, she has some amazing vocals, and the lyrics are just lovely. I hope this song lifts […]

Fast Lane

Life will come at you,
Plain and simple, be prepared,
‘Cause it will come fast.

Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge: Fast & Plain.


Upcoming Events!

TGIF! The weekend is here, although this weekend seems slow.¬†Here’s my¬†event suggestions for you. A bit of partying and food, seasoned nicely with music, check it out!