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Hi Everyone šŸ™‚

So unnu remember the little lady I told you about the other day? The one that stole all of the shine at New Wave one Monday? That’s Lila IkĆ©, from theĀ In.Digg.Nation Collective. She hasĀ released her first single, Biggest Fan. This song is to her mother, her biggest supporter. I don’t know if I love this song because it hit so close to home, or simply because her voice on the track is so hypnotic. I’ll go with both… and I must big up the producersĀ The DrumKeys & Diggy because this rhythm isĀ too sweet. Take a listen, Biggest Fan by Lila Ike.

Follow Lila IkƩ @_LilaIke on Twitter and @LilaIke on Instagram.


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