Am I awake?
Mind wide open
Always scheming
or is it just daydreaming?
Read me right? Nah
That’s the outer shell.
What do you see?
When you look into these eyes.
Do you see me?
The successful woman?
Or the girl on stage?
Do you see me by the Eiffel tower?
Or my rhymes and lines lifting
off the pages of a book.
Do you see the dreamer?
Or is it my determination staring at you?
Hell! Maybe it’s a peep,
of the words my mouth can’t utter,
that says kiss me.

This is a poem I wrote about two years ago, it still feels like me, a bit of a dreamer. I saw a tweet the other day that said, “Describe yourself in a couple words” I replied sugar, spice, emotional, and optimism. Can you see it?

Featured image is by Taj Francis, cover art for “Sandra Foster” by Protoje; P.S. go listen to that song.


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