Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone!

Can you believe school is getting to me already? It along with a bit of personal things have been taking up my time. I’m very sorry for this late post, I decided to post this song today and not hold it ’til next week because y’all need to hear this. Y’all need to know what Jeeby Lyricist has been up to. He released “Come For Me” not too long ago and I love it. His rapping on the hip hop styled instrumental is so smooth. Jeeby touches on topics that linger in the deep crevasses of the mind and soul, some of the thoughts you may find hard to share with others. This one is to your lover, to your best friend, to your soulmate. He thanks her for supporting him through his lowest moments as well as his highest. Praising her for being there as a motivator in his life, “Come for me” is all he’s asking, that when he’s down, she will be around; all while playing on the sexual innuendo. Bwoy…must be nice. Take a listen to “Come For Me” by Jeeby Lyricist featuring Courtni.

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