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Hi Everyone!

The year of good music continues right through; last week Friday, “Simma” by Leno Banton featuring iotosh was released. It was Produced by Krs with the featured photo by Monique Kidd (@Kimmmon) and the track artwork by Khari Kamau (@KhariKamau). To put it simply, the duo criticize the girl that left the relationship to pursue another, with more money; all with a sweet lyrical flow to match the riddim. Ensure you keep a keen ear on the lyrics; take a listen to “Simma”.

“Maybe I’m no king and I got no riches
So I can’t buy you things
But I got love to give
But that’s not enough for you”

-Leno Banton

“I really wish you all the best in life
I really wish that I coulda provide
The lifestyle that you always wanted to live
But the truth is, all I got is love to give”



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