Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone!

New music live! Right before 2017 ended Runkus released “my Gf.”. This song makes you want to move, many people claim they can’t dance but the easiest response to music is to move. When I heard my Gf. I was pleased, cause I love music that makes me want to dance. The drums! The percussion instruments in this song, they remind me of Afrobeats. This was produced by Krs.

Now, the lyrics… to be honest, I wouldn’t mind my man singing this song for me. “My gf do not come with nuh man problem…” let them know, hunny. Runkus sings about his lady, but he does so in the amazing lyrical fashion I look forward to when listening to his music. He ended 2017 with a great release, take a listen to my Gf. by Runkus.

Also check out the my Gf. photo shoot by Romario Lynch on Seen by Lynch.


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