Jamaican Brand Review: Nature’s Virtue

Jamaican Brand Review: Nature’s Virtue

Greetings all! I have some new products to share with you, from the brand, Nature’s Virtue. Nature’s Virtue is a Jamaican brand that provides hair and skin care products, made in Jamaica with organic ingredients.

They started producing the first product, the solid Hair Food, in 2014, it started as a hobby. With one person asking the Director, Jerron Farquharson, to make something for eczema on the scalp, and from there the hobby grew into the business that it is today. A brand that specializes in developing and producing natural and effective beauty products.

My Review

We need to support Jamaican brands as much as we can and I won’t stop stressing that. Nature’s Virtue sent some products for me to review, I’ve tested each product and all thoughts are my own. I received the Evenglow Lotion, Evercurls and the Hair Food (liquid).

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Nature’s Virtue Hair Food (Liquid) – Jamaican Black Castor Oil and Coconut Oil

It’s supposed to nourish your hair, strengthen it and promote healthy growth, all while being easy to absorb and leaving no heavy build up. I like the Hair Food, it’s very light so I could apply it to my scalp every day if I wanted. It also has a pleasant fragrance, it doesn’t have the strong smell of castor oil.

Nature’s Virtue Evenglow Lotion

This is one of the newest products from the brand, it is for moisturizing and enriching the skin with natural extracts. The lotion is great, very moisturizing, the only problem I have with it is the scent, it has a somewhat masculine scent to me. I’ve still been using it, especially at nights after I shower because I love how moisturizing it is.

Nature’s Virtue Evercurls – Okra & Coconut Oil Curl Definer & Leave-in Conditioner

The Evercurls Curl Definer should moisten, soften and strengthen your hair. It is nice and thick, and I love its scent the most out of all three products I received, this one smells like strawberry candy. I feel like it would go well on wet hair with gel for a wash and go. I used it and the Hair Food in my hair after a wash day and I did a twist out. See the results below, it looks good if I do say so myself.

The 876Lover, Shida

Where to Get it

You may order these products by sending a message on Facebook (@NaturesVirtueJa ) or Instagram (@NaturesVirtueJa), giving them a call at 876-331-4905 or sending an email to naturesvirtueja@gmail.com. These products are available all across Jamaica, in specific stores and via delivery through zip mail or Knutsford Express.

Since I’m in Kingston, here are some locations where you can buy Nature’s Virtue products in Kingston. Nicole’s Beauty Supply in York Plaza – Half Way Tree, Hues Pharmacy, and CG Restaurant on Retirement Road – Cross Roads.

My Final Thoughts

I enjoyed using the products, and I’ll continue to use them, the Hair Food is my favourite. I’m gonna have to buy the Shampoo and Conditioner, and some other products from the product line like the Hair Tonic, so I can see how they work together. I like to have all the products from a hair product line to achieve the best results and to ensure there is no form of residue that usually occurs when different brands are mixed.

Follow @NaturesVirtueJa on Instagram and Facebook and make your first step in ordering from this Jamaican brand. Buy a product, get 10% off your purchase when you give the code 876Lover while placing your order.

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